Bear Facts Cartoons by Burke

Bear Facts cartoon

Hi there. I'm Mike Burke. The by Burke you see at the top of every Bear Facts cartoon pretty much means me. Yup, it's all my fault. Warren Bradley has been kind enough to get this site up and running for me, and for that I am pathetically grateful.

It's a chance for you to have a look at a few cartoons and, if you're really bored, find out a bit about me.

If you're one of those editor types who's thinking, "These cartoons are kinda funny – maybe I should publish this goose", or if you're a bit of a fan – Hi, Mum (that's right, Australians spell it with a "u") – send me an email … and if you think these cartoons suck, then don't tell anybody. Hope you enjoy 'em.

© All images and silly stuff copyright 2007 Burke. All rights reserved. And a number of lefts.